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News and analysis on technology in retail stores and online, including e-commerce, social media, mobility and business intelligence and analytics.

Target to take on Prime Day — on Prime Day

Target Corp. is muscling in on Amazon’s two-day sales extravaganza.

Schnucks expands in-store robot rollout

A Midwestern grocer is bringing inventory-counting robots to more than half its stores.

Social media influencers may not be so influential, after all.

Shopify is integrating with an app that enables its users to directly establish ambassador and influencer programs.

You will no longer have to be a U.S. retailer to take advantage of free product listings on the Google Shopping tab.

A digitally native indie and vintage-inspired women’s apparel retailer is rebuilding its customer experience end to end.

The most popular online grocery retailer is not a grocer, strictly speaking.

The new Amazon One contactless payment device will make shopping at Amazon Go stores faster and more secure.

A leading home goods retailer is expanding its array of omnichannel shopping services ahead of the holidays.

Amazon’s chief competitor is reportedly running its own mid-October online sales event.

TikTok may not be the only digital platform with overseas ownership that Walmart plans to invest in.

A tech-focused e-tailer is taking Prime Day head-on with its own sales extravaganza that begins Oct. 13.

Pinterest is enabling companies to place ads in more locations and obtain more ad performance insight, and also opening its platform for U.K. e-commerce.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) wants consumers to make their holiday purchases safely and early amidst the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

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