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People survey: Consumers watching how employers treat workers during COVID-19

How companies treat their workers during COVID-19 will influence future purchases.

That’s according to a survey by People magazine’s Insider Panel, in which 65% of respondents said that company actions during this time will likely impact which brands they decide to purchase in the future. The survey found that more than 89% are monitoring the treatment of employees by the companies they work for during these difficult times – watching whether corporations lay off workers, offer paid sick days, give back to their communities, etc. 

In other findings:
• Ninety-two percent of those surveyed have personally encountered empty store shelves and are not surprised that their favorite brands are absent or products that they regularly use are in low supply.

• Eighty-one percent said that due to shortages, they are more open to sampling new brands and products than ever before. And 65% are purchasing brands that are new to them or ones that they don't typically buy.

• Because the news has been worrisome, consumers are more receptive to advertisements that are warm and comforting rather than current. Fifty-four percent would welcome ads with a humorous and entertaining tone to help take their minds off the pandemic.

• Participants are concerned less about their own personal wellness and more about the impact of this pandemic on the United States, the economy, and their local communities. They are also anxious about their families and finances, with 86% concerned about the availability of essential items that they regularly use.

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