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Foot Locker takes social media shot


Foot Locker’s newest promotion with NBA superstar James Harden serves as reminder to retail marketers that imagination is their only constraint when it comes to leveraging social media to connect with consumers.

Foot Locker has devised a clever social media campaign called “Play My Tweet” whereby fans can submit personal requests for Harden via Twitter by tagging @FootLocker and #PlayMyTweet for the chance to have him fulfill the request. The footwear retailer, and Harden, are taking a risk because Twitter is a wide open platform, but the company said all legitimate request will be considered. And by legitimate, Foot Locker offered as examples requests such as asking for an autograph jersey or singing happy birthday.

The way the campaign works is on Oct. 8 in Houston, Harden will take shots using basketballs printed with selected fans' tweets. Harden will read the tweet on the ball and take a shot. If he makes the shot, he's safe – but if he misses it, he must fulfill the request. Each shot's difficulty level will correspond to the size of the request, and fans can watch the challenge beginning at 7 p.m. ET via Foot Locker's YouTube channel and Twitter page.

"Foot Locker has had a great deal of fun teaming up with James Harden for past engaging games with fans. We're excited to take that engagement to the next level with the 'Play My Tweet' challenge," said Stacy Cunningham, executive vice president of marketing for Foot Locker. "Harden is an entertaining, talented NBA star and we're eager to see what fun requests he will fulfill on behalf of fans across the country."

Harden is being a good sport with the Twitter campaign, noting that working with Foot Locker has offered creative and fun new ways to engage with fans.

"I'm excited to see what the fans want me to do and I hope I won't be doing anything too embarrassing,” Harden said.

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