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Jet’s Pizza integrates AI into voice ordering

Jet’s Pizza
Jet’s Pizza operates more than 400 stores across 20 states.

A Michigan-based pizza chain with franchises across the country is streamlining phone orders with artificial intelligence (AI).

Jet’s Pizza is deploying ConverseNow voice AI technology at its stores. Equipped with conversational and emotional intelligence, ConverseNow's AI-based virtual ordering assistants are designed to replicate natural human dialogue to gauge customer sentiment and guide conversations.

The cloud-based, multilingual solution is designed to detect nuances in customer requests, predict ordering behaviors, and upsell items based on contextual data and available information in real time. ConverseNow has partnered with Google and Open AI to access both companies' generative AI services.

According to Jet's Pizza, phone orders are responsible for a significant share of its revenue, and the retailer seeks to increase this share, as well as boost sales, streamline operations, optimize staffing and improve speed and accuracy of orders by utilizing voice AI.

Other fast-casual food retailers utilizing ConverseNow voice AI ordering technology include Wingstop and Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza.
"We are delighted to partner with another leading pizza franchise brand, supporting its use of technology and enabling it to benefit from the wide variety of rewards that come with the deployment of our voice AI technology,” said Vinay Shukla, co-founder and CEO of ConverseNow. “We are looking forward to seeing how Jet's Pizza will enhance operational efficiency for its team while improving customer experience and maximizing its delivery and pick-up orders generated by its phone and voice channels."

"Voice AI is a game-changer for Jet's Pizza, as it allows us to address a big concern of ours: making sure our franchisees are making good use of their human capital," said Aaron Nilsson, CIO of Jet's Pizza. “We aim to make technology as good as our pizza. ConverseNow can take a high volume of phone calls with speed and accuracy. This allows our franchise operators to get their employees off the phones and focus on the fun part of the job; making pizzas."

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Jet's Pizza is based in Sterling Heights, Michigan and was founded as Jetts Party Shoppe and Pizzeria in 1978 by brothers John and Eugene Jetts. Since then, Jet’s Pizza has grown to include more than 400 stores across 20 states.

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