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JD Sports leverages virtual try-on for omnichannel promotion

JD Sports virtual try-on
JD Sports is offering in-store virtual try-on and purchase.

JD Sports is integrating augmented reality (AR) technology into an omnichannel promotional campaign.

The global British athletic retailer is utilizing proprietary AR-based virtual try-on technology from Zero10  at its New York and Chicago flagship stores as part of its “Need it Now” apparel campaign, developed by metaverse agency Rumfoords.

Some of the virtual garments featured for virtual try-on have special AR enhancements connecting them to virtual environments. And a unique design is exclusively available as an AR enhancement for customers to virtually try on.

In addition, JD Sports, is implementing the Zero10 AR Mirror solution in its New York and Chicago stores. Customers can pick up an item available for try-on on the AR Mirror, select "I want to buy this item," scan the QR code on an in-store iPad, and be directed to the JD Sports website to complete the purchase of the original physical piece.

This integration enables customers to virtually try on and purchase items that may be out of stock in the store or available for pre-order. The Zero10 AR Mirror solution runs on a supercomputer that leverages complex computer vision models in real time and renders clothing in 4k resolution.

When a user interacts with AR Mirror, Zero10 computer vision algorithms estimate the user's body shape and position in space, producing an accurate 3D model of the user in three-dimensional space. AR-based cloth simulation helps to replicate the behavior of the virtual clothing and render it onto the screen.

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“For the first time, Zero10 is venturing into the realm of sports by partnering with JD Sports, introducing virtual try-on technology to a new audience at the intersection of sports and fashion,” said George Yashin, CEO of Zero10. “It is exciting to witness brands actively embracing AR Mirror tools, exploring various applications, and offering this novel and innovative experience to their customers. We have already seen that AR Mirror enhances user engagement, extends the time spent in-store, and leaves a lasting impression. This time, the tool showcase will highlight its ability to facilitate the try-on and purchase of items not physically available, addressing a common industry challenge.”

Established in 1981 in England, JD Sports is a multichannel retailer of branded sports and casual wear with over 3,000 stores in 32 territories worldwide.

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