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Gopuff extends retail media network beyond CPG advertisers

Gopuff shopper
Gopuff is expanding the reach of Gopuff Ads.

Gopuff is entering a new partnership to enable brands across multiple verticals to target its shoppers with ads.

The on-demand delivery platform is collaborating with machine learning (ML)-based e-commerce technology company Rokt to offer customers relevant ads from brands outside the CPG category at digital checkout. Now, brands across multiple verticals can reach Gopuff shoppers through relevant campaigns delivered seamlessly from Gopuff's app.

Gopuff and Rokt offer brands the ability to target customer segments by demographic and location. This new offering also brings Gopuff customers access to relevant offers to try new brands, such as Hulu, AdoreMe, and Noom. Accordng to Rokt, the first month of its ad partnership with Gopuff poroduced a higher-than-average engagement rate of 5%.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gopuff and enhance its ad business, helping it move beyond the CPG category," said Elizabeth Buchanan, CCO of Rokt. "By delivering relevant offers to Gopuff users, Rokt will help Gopuff Ads' brand partners across all categories create more meaningful customer connections and drive incremental sales."

“Gopuff ads have proven to be a powerful tool for CPG brands in collapsing the funnel from discovery to consumption," said Gopuff senior VP of business Daniel Folkman. "Now, we are thrilled to enable brands of all kinds to reach Gopuff customers while they are engaged with the app – and to bring our customers more information about relevant brands and offers to further enhance their Gopuff experience."

Gopuff provides sponsored ads to customers

In August 2022, the company rolled out Gopuff Ads, an instant ad platform integrated with the Epsilon-based CitrusAd network. The unified approach, building on Gopuff’s existing ad platform, enables brands to reach not only Gopuff site visitors, but also the entire Gopuff customer base across the open web with real-time, relevant advertising.

Gopuff also expanded its on-site ad inventory beyond sponsored products and search to include relevant sponsored product carousels - all managed and measured on the Gopuff Ads platform. According to the company, brands leveraging Gopuff Ads are seeing return on investment (ROI) results as high as 430%.

With these enhancements, brands can target consumers at the point of purchase with on-site advertising, while also generating demand across the open web by reaching Gopuff customers with relevant, off-site display, video and connected TV advertising tied directly to in-stock inventory. Brands also have access to SKU-level sales reporting that combines both on-site and off-site campaigns.

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