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Gopuff provides sponsored ads to customers

Gopuff - CitrusAd
Gopuff Ads launches ad integration with CitrusAd (Graphic: Business Wire).

Gopuff is partnering with a leading third-party retail media network to open its customer base to brand partners.

The on-demand delivery platform is rolling out Gopuff Ads, an instant ad platform integrated with the Epsilon-based CitrusAd network. The unified approach, building on Gopuff’s existing ad platform, enables brands to reach not only Gopuff site visitors, but also the entire Gopuff customer base across the open web with real-time, relevant advertising.

Gopuff is also expanding its on-site ad inventory beyond sponsored products and search to include relevant sponsored product carousels - all managed and measured on the Gopuff Ads platform. According to the company, brands leveraging Gopuff Ads are seeing return on investment (ROI) results as high as 430%.

The company also said that platform revenue grew nearly 170% year-over-year in July, as active products more than doubled onsite.

With these enhancements, brands can target consumers at the point of purchase with on-site advertising, while also generating demand across the open web by reaching Gopuff customers with relevant, off-site display, video and connected TV advertising tied directly to in-stock inventory. Brands also have access to SKU-level sales reporting that combines both on-site and off-site campaigns.

"As the first instant ad platform, we are bringing advertisers closer to their desired audience by collapsing the marketing funnel from impression to consumption in 30 minutes,” said Daniel Folkman, senior VP of business at Gopuff. “Now, Gopuff Ads’ expansion into off-site media with CitrusAd - powered by Epsilon’s first-party purchase and future intent data - delivers amplified, relevant reach for our brand partners. We look forward to introducing this enhanced and streamlined capability to our partners.”

“When companies like Gopuff make the decision to unify on-site and off-site media capabilities as a one-stop shop, they will grow advertiser adoption, revenues and site traffic,” said David Haase, CEO of CitrusAd Americas. “Through CitrusAd’s self-service, white-label platform, full-funnel Gopuff Ads campaigns can now easily be managed by brands under one roof to expand audience reach and attract new customers,”

“Gopuff continues to be a leader in retail media,” said Joe Doran, chief product officer at Epsilon. “By engaging consumers both on-site and off-site, brands can reach shopper audiences with relevant and compelling messages that drive impulse sales. This is a win for Gopuff and the brands it serves. We look forward to more brands being able to tap into the power of over 200 million privacy-protected CORE IDs in the U.S. and reach their customers through high-impact ad formats at an unprecedented level of scale.”

Instacart serves CPG advertisers

Rival on-demand delivery platform Instacart has also been expanding its capabilities as a platform for CPG advertising for the past two years. In May 2022, Instacart released two new interactive advertising solutions: shoppable video ads and enhanced shoppable display ads. 

In January 2022, Instacart released a collection of advertiser solutions, including brand pages and a suite of display applications designed to maximize brand reach and consumer awareness for CPG brands. And in October 2021, Instacart collaborated with e-commerce marketing platform CommerceIQ on an offering called CIQ Advertising for Instacart.

In May 2020, the company rolled out a self-serve ad service called Instacart Ads which brands and agencies can use to purchase search ads, set goals and advertising budgets, and manage bidding.




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