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eBay provides sellers mobile access to sales data

eBay Product Research screens
Product Research provides key metrics and a price trend graph that shows average sold data for an item over time.

A service called Product Research puts data about items sold on eBay into the palms of sellers’ hands.

The e-commerce marketplace is making Product Research (previously named Terapeak), which provides three years’ worth of eBay sales data to sellers, available in the latest version of the eBay app for iOS and Android devices. 

Data includes an item’s actual sold price (including the accepted price for Best Offer listings), average sold price, sold price range, percent sold with free shipping and average shipping, and the number of sellers who have sold a specific product. 

There’s also a “Sell one like this” feature that starts a new listing with information pre-populated from a sold listing for sellers to use or modify to best describe their item. Desktop users can gain access to Product Research via Seller Hub, a free eBay resource featuring tools and tips for sellers.

Sellers can perform Product Research searches in a variety of ways, including:

  • Keywords, UPCs, MPN or ISBN: For example, sellers might search the following keywords: Sony PlayStation 5 White or Pokemon Temporal Forces Booster Box. They can also use advanced filters and search by category, item condition, or selling format. 
  • Up to three years of data: Sellers can search by a pre-set range or a custom number of days, up to the last three years.
  • Remove unwanted search results: Users can select “Exclude listing” to remove items in search results that aren’t the same as their item.
  • Sort results by what matters most to an individual seller: The “Sort” feature lets sellers see results the way they want. For example, sellers can sort by highest to lowest price sold, by date sold (most or least recently), or by shipping costs (lowest or highest). 
  • View other sold listings to compare items to your own:  Sellers can see items sold up to the last three years, and use those results to guide how they want to list and price their item.

This tool is only available on items sold 90 days ago or less. According to eBay, future updates will incorporate additional information such as sell-through rate, more trend graphs, and the ability to view active listings. 

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eBay streamlines selling with generative AI

In addition to its new Product Research mobile tool, eBay has also been developing generative AI applications to aid sellers. it has developed. In December 2023, the retailer released a new feature, based on generative AI technology, that enables sellers to draft social media posts with the click a button. 

And in September 2023, the e-tailer released what it termed a "magical" seller listing solution that uses AI to analyze, research and extrapolate details about listings from a small amount of seller-provided data, including images.

Founded in 1995 in San Jose, Calif., eBay operates in more than 190 markets globally. In 2023, eBay enabled nearly $74 billion of gross merchandise volume.

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