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eBay builds safe harbor for sellers

eBay is providing new tools and protections for its sellers.

These include multi-user account access, which enables sellers to add employees or delegates to perform seller activities in their seller hub on their behalf without giving full access to their eBay account. Listings will be the first capability to roll out.

Sellers will be able to delegate editing, drafting and publishing access for their listings to their employees. Later this year, eBay will enable more permissions, including shipping support, for sellers to delegate. Rollout is beginning in the U.S.

In addition, most U.S. sellers now have access to data from the Terapeak pricing engine, acquired by eBay in 2017, in a new research tab within seller hub. Terapeak provides demand and pricing data to help sellers determine product worth, what they should source if they are looking to expand, and how to competitively price listings. Terapeak also provides sellers with up to one year of pricing data. eBay will add more insights into the tool by the end of 2019.

For top-rated sellers located in the U.S. and who offer 30-day returns, eBay is introducing two new financial protections. First, eBay will issue a seller invoice credit to cover return label cost if a buyer makes a false “item not as described” claim. Second, eBay will now allow these sellers to issue partial refunds for all items that are returned damaged. These protections will be live in the U.S. on October 1, 2019.

The company is also making it easier for all sellers to report buyers who violate eBay policies and has created a set of consequences if something does go wrong. These protections are rolling out in the U.S. now.

“Our sellers have told us that we need to do more to have their backs when they do everything right but something still goes wrong.” said Wendy Jones, senior VP, global operations. “We’re committed to making significant investments in protecting our sellers and I’m delighted that today we’re announcing these new protections.”

These new features are part of a larger eBay initiative to ease the process of selling goods. Next year, eBay is launching Managed Delivery, an initiative intended to enable sellers with high-volume inventory to meet customer expectations while reducing cost and complexity.

Managed Delivery will provide sellers the ability to store, pack and ship their products through expert logistics partners managed by eBay. The new service will give sellers the ability to offer free shipping with what the e-tail giant says will be more reliable and faster delivery, with the goal of driving more sales on eBay.
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