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eBay streamlines listings with generative AI

eBay Magical Listing Tool
eBay is making listings easier with AI.

eBay’s new listing tool isn’t really magical, but it is enabled with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The e-commerce giant is releasing what it terms a “magical” seller listing solution that uses AI to analyze, research and extrapolate details about listings from a small amount of seller-provided data, including images.

In the first version of the tool, a seller could add in a title and possibly a category for a listing and would then be given the option of using generative AI to fill in the description from there. Generative AI is based on machine learning (ML) and can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music.

Based on positive customer feedback from this first version, eBay has released it to all eBay app users (both iOS and Android) in the US. As of late July 2023, approximately 30% of U.S. sellers using the app on any given day tried the feature at least once, and over 95% of those who tried it opted to use the AI-generated descriptions, including those with edits.

Over the same period, eBay measured customer satisfaction (CSAT) for this experience at over 80%, which it says is among the highest CSAT for recent feature launches.

Now, eBay is rolling out a new image-based listing tool which allows sellers to take or upload a photo in the eBay app (iOS-only for now) and have generative AI fill in item information details. From a photo, the AI technology can write titles, descriptions and add vital information, which could include product release date, detailed category and sub-category, and can combine with eBay’s other technology to suggest a listing price and shipping cost.

eBay has released its image-based listing tool as an employee beta, and plans to release it to the public in the coming months. The retailer is also releasing an improved background removal tool designed to creates a clearer image of listed products.

“This new tool is simply the latest in a series of efforts to use AI to make selling and buying on eBay feel easy, fun and magical,” eBay said in a corporate blog post. “AI will keep developing, and we’ll continue to incorporate cutting-edge technologies across our teams with the goal of making your eBay experience consistently more magical.”

eBay utilizes AI across a variety of functions in its enterprise, as evidenced by its previous purchase of 3PM Shield LLC, a provider of AI-based marketplace compliance solutions, According to eBay, 3PM Shield will enhance its ability to address suspicious or harmful seller behavior, and potentially problematic items.

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