Commentary: Make the most of the holiday season with digital signage

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Commentary: Make the most of the holiday season with digital signage

By Daniel Black - 08/31/2020
Daniel Black
Daniel Black

Due to COVID-19, many physical retailers, especially those located in malls, have concerns around foot traffic during the holiday sales season.

But as consumers grow more comfortable wearing masks and venturing out into public spaces, retailers can utilize technology that engages shoppers while also sharing information around CDC safety guidelines. Digital signage serves as a core component in helping retailers provide shoppers with a safe, innovative experience.

Inform shoppers of store processes
In a COVID-19 world, health and safety processes for physical retail are constantly changing, often on a statewide level. Digital signage can inform shoppers of the existing guidelines around social distancing and any new procedures implemented around checkout, dressing rooms, or how to navigate the store. This also eliminates costs retailers might incur with printing physical signs. Not to mention that with physical signage, the information is often outdated as soon as it’s hung up.

What’s more, store associates are often responsible for monitoring social distancing compliance, but this detracts from their other important roles of helping customers find the products they need. When digital signage takes over this task, employees can continue to provide exceptional personalized service, while also ensuring that shoppers feel safe.

Visually grab shoppers’ attention
The customizable aspect of digital signs provides a number of beneficial uses to shoppers. For shoppers that may be browsing or walking by, signs can greet them and inform of any promotions or sales.

Since physical stores are currently limiting in-store capacity, lines may form outside, which is a perfect opportunity to captivate an audience. Once a shopper’s attention has been gained visually, interactive technology can take over to maintain it, driving engagement and purchases.

Imagine a shopper is in line to buy running shoes for one store, but across the way, they see a store is having a sale on shoes. As the sign changes, the store is communicating all the ways they’re disinfecting their store. This can be the deciding factor for a shopper to leave a competitor’s line and choose to shop your store instead.

Heighten and advance omnichannel branding
Another benefit of digital signage is the communication efficiency around sharing information on new products, promotions, or changes to loyalty programs. Digital storefront solutions can ensure any changes to communication efforts are done in a timely manner.

The flexibility and ease of making changes on digital signs is important for omnichannel branding, as retailers can quickly match the messaging of their in-store and online campaigns with just a few clicks.

Digital signage technology further drives the concept of the endless aisle, bridging the gap between online and offline. Interactive signs can extend product lines beyond what’s on the store shelf. For example, if a shopper is looking for a newly launched makeup palette but finds it is out of stock in the store, she will likely take her business elsewhere.

But a digital sign can communicate information on how to place an order for the product, and the estimated wait time for that item to be delivered. In this way, retailers can save the sale and increase customer loyalty, which is more important than ever in the age of COVID-19.

Meet the needs of shoppers with flexibility
For a successful holiday season and beyond, it is essential for physical retailers to make customers feel safe and comfortable while making the most of every selling opportunity. In today’s current COVID-19 driven world, customer communication is essential.

With digital signage, retailers can be with shoppers at every touchpoint of their journey in the store, and can share crucial information, engage shoppers with eye-catching displays and marketing campaigns, and continue to wow their customers.

Daniel Black is CEO and founder of Glass-Media.

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