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Check out Whole Food Market’s first permanent online-only physical store

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Whole Foods Market has opened a new location in Brooklyn, New York, but the public is not invited.

The Amazon-owned grocery store retailer unveiled its first permanent store dedicated to fulfilling online orders, in Brooklyn, New York, on Sept. 1. The delivery-only store is designed to allow the company to meet the growing demand for grocery delivery.

Located in Brooklyn’s Industry City complex, the store will exclusively serve customers in the Brooklyn area. It will be fully staffed by Whole Foods Market employees, with the workforce 100% dedicated to facilitating grocery delivery—enabling them to quickly receive, shop, and prepare orders for delivery.

The store opening comes as grocery delivery continues to be one of the fastest-growing businesses at Amazon, the company said.

“Online grocery sales tripled year over year in the second quarter this year, indicating that more customers than ever before are turning to Amazon for grocery delivery options,” Amazon said in a statement. “Together, we're thrilled to increase access to grocery delivery.”

Amazon has been expanding its grocery footprint online and in store. On Aug. 27, it officially opened its much-anticipated grocery store – Amazon Fresh – in Woodland Hills, Calif. The location initially served as an online-only “dark store” to fulfill grocery orders during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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