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American Eagle launches holiday promotions on BeReal, TikTok, Roblox

AE roblox BTS campaign
American Eagle’s fall 2022 back-to-school campaign featured Blu DeTiger on Roblox (Photo: Business Wire)

American Eagle is continuing to use metaverse and social media promotions into holiday season.

The specialty apparel retailer, a banner of American Eagle Outfitters Inc., is building on its 2022 back-to-school campaign, which featured promotions on the TikTok short video platform and Roblox immersive virtual game environment.

For the holiday season, American Eagle is running a campaign which includes elements on TikTok and Roblox, as well as Snapchat and BeReal, a social media platform popular with Gen Z consumers that gives users a short two-minute deadline to post whatever is happening in their day, wherever they are located when the notification is sent.

Following are highlights from American Eagle’s holiday activities on each social and metaverse platform:


Every day at the designated time, American Eagle will post on its BeReal account sharing photos that feature a new product. The retailer is offering discounts for BeReal users, selecting 10 products that it will feature as the pick of the day, which users will be able to purchase at a discounted rate once they add them to their cart. 

According to American Eagle, it has already garnered the maximum following on the BeReal platform and has seen a 300% higher engagement than other brands.


From Nov. 18-25, American Eagle will debut as an exclusive fashion retailer in Roblox’s most popular virtual destination, “Mount Crescent,” with a branded holiday market. The holiday market will be filled with American Eagle digital clothing and accessories for Roblox players.

American Eagle is also working with the Roblox game “Livetopia” to release interactive challenges with a $5 off reward for up to 10,000 players during this two-week period. The retailer has been working with Roblox for three seasonal promotions now, including spring 2022 as well as back-to-school and holiday 2022.

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American Eagle is debuting an #AEHolidayCard hashtag challenge on TikTok during “Friendsgivng” weekend, Nov. 19-21. TikTok content creators will have the chance to develop content around selecting their festive outfits, staging their ideal background, and showing off their favorite American Eagle apparel. They can do this on their own, with friends and family, and with their pets. 

Hashtag challenge winners will receive printed holiday cards and an American Eagle gift card.


Launching in early November 2022, American Eagle will debut a virtual experience, “Destination Holid@e,” on Snapchat. Users will decide where they are spending the holidays, and based on their answer, the retailer will virtually showcase their destination and show them a recommended outfit from American Eagle.

The retailer will also celebrate the anniversary of its virtual Snapchat store, which it says drove $2 million in sales during the last year. The American Eagle Snapchat store will reflect the look and feel of its holiday campaign, and for 2022 the retailer will be including a selfie try-on moment within the virtual store portal in which users can try on hats and scarves.


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