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Amazon integrates ‘Buy with Prime’ into Salesforce

Buy with Prime
Amazon is connecting Buy with Prime to Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Amazon is extending its “Buy with Prime” service to retailers using Salesforce e-commerce and CRM technology.

In April 2022, Amazon introduced “Buy with Prime,” which enables U.S.-based Prime members to directly shop from brands' own online stores beyond with the Prime shopping experience. Buy with Prime orders are fulfilled using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

Since then, the e-tailer has made Buy with Prime widely available to U.S.-based Amazon retailers and integrated it with the Shopify and BigCommerce e-commerce platforms. Now, Amazon is releasing the Buy with Prime integration for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which helps retailers using the Salesforce platform seamlessly integrate Buy with Prime into their existing e-commerce experience. 

Buy with Prime for Salesforce will start rolling out Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2024 on an invitation-only basis to select Salesforce retailers, and it will be available to all U.S.-based Salesforce Commerce Cloud retailer via the Salesforce AppExchange later in 2024.

“The Buy with Prime integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers merchants to offer their shoppers a new yet familiar purchasing option directly within their digital storefronts,” said Peter Larsen, Amazon VP of Buy with Prime. “Now with new features that build Buy with Prime seamlessly into search, cart, and checkout, Salesforce merchants have even more flexibility and functionality to provide Buy with Prime while maintaining control over their stores’ look and feel.”

“Buy with Prime for Salesforce Commerce Cloud builds on our efforts to help ecommerce businesses drive profitable growth and superior shopping experiences,” said Michael Affronti, Salesforce senior VP and GM of Commerce Cloud. “As companies look to scale and drive brand loyalty among new and returning shoppers, Buy with Prime offers Salesforce merchants a powerful tool to attract millions of Prime members and grow their businesses through the trusted Prime shopping experience.”

Other features

Buy with Prime for Salesforce also automatically syncs with Salesforce Order Management, including orders, promotions, and catalog listings. Retailers can customize this end-to-end integration to tailor the placement and appearance of the Buy with Prime experience throughout their product, cart, and checkout pages.

In addition, the integration enables retailers to offer a mixed cart to customers. Shoppers will be able to add both Prime-eligible and other items to their carts and purchase all goods in a single checkout. Amazon and Salesforce will continue to iterate together on Buy with Prime for Salesforce and plan to roll out additional features in the future.

Amazon also expanded the Buy with Prime benefits it offers customers in November 2023.

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