West Coast grocer Stater Bros. promotes loyalty at conveyor belt

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
scannable QR codes
Stater Bros. is embedding scannable QR codes into conveyor belt advertising.

Stater Bros. Markets is communicating with shoppers at checkout in a new way.

The largest privately-owned supermarket chain in Southern California is deploying the MessageWrap conveyor belt advertising solution at all of its 170 stores. Stater Bros. is using the antimicrobial, color checkout conveyor belt covers with messaging in both English and Spanish to promote its Digital Deals shopper loyalty program.

The Digital Deals program enables shoppers to redeem digital coupons with a unique ID number they can enter at checkout. To streamline signup, the MessageWraps feature a distinct QR code that shoppers can scan to enroll in Digital Deals directly at checkout.

Stater Bros. plans to roll out a second MessageWrap marketing program across all of its stores later in 2023, the theme of which has yet to be announced.

"The checkout conveyor belt has traditionally been a plain, black, utilitarian conveyor of groceries," said Stater Bros. Markets senior VP of marketing and chief marketing officer Rebecca Calvin. "MessageWrap lets us transform it into an eye-catching conveyor of messages to a captive audience. We're excited to explore other opportunities where we can engage with our customers using this innovative new tool."

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Stater Bros. on this innovative marketing campaign,” said MessageWrap CEO Nathan Vanderploeg. “Their use of QR codes on MessageWrap seamlessly bridges the digital and in-store experience at the highest traffic point in the store.”

Based in San Bernardino, Calif., Stater Bros. Markets operates 170 grocery store locations.

Coborn’s takes personalization to checkout

Midwest grocer Coborn’s has also been targeting customers at checkout conveyor belts in a partnership with MessageWrap. Content on the belts includes shopper loyalty promotions, such as Coborn’s “More Rewards” program; as well as food facts and price cuts.

The grocer has also integrated its More Rewards loyalty program, which enables members to earn rewards and coupons, with its POS system. Through this integration, cashiers can be digitally prompted to interact with customers about the rewards program.

This additional prompt is designed to extend the reach of the printed message on the conveyor belt, from the visual moment at checkout, to the discussion with the cashier, to the online mobile experience in the store and then the ongoing engagement when they leave the store.

In addition, Coborn’s highlights its private label items with printed conveyor belt promotions. Messaging highlights the grocer’s use of local vendors for private label food items, as well as the Chicken Shack and Four Brothers private label brands.

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