Valspar promotes ‘colors of the year’ in metaverse setting

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A paint and coatings brand is opening a virtual house in the metaverse to show off a select assortment of colors.

Valspar is opening the “Valspar Color-verse” web experience, a 3D virtual home in the metaverse featuring colors from the brand’s recent 2023 “Colors of the Year” announcement. Consumers can interact with the 12 colors of the year, create their own art with the colors, and play an interactive game called the “Dash to DIY.”

Valspar Color-verse enables visitors to demo and view the company’s 12 new featured colors. Customers can navigate the virtual environment via pre-designated checkpoints, or roam freely using movement controls throughout the house.

The Color-verse features three options for virtual navigation and interaction:

  • The Paint Wing: This interactive wing enables customers to select walls of the living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to be repainted with featured Valspar colors. Once the “paint mode” is activated, a 3D color palette with the 12 colors of the year will open for visitors to select which color they want to paint each room in the house. Within the paint room, an omnichannel feature allows customers can order free paint chips of the 12 colors and try them out for themselves at home. 
  • The Art Wing: This wing invites customers to create their own art of a 3D panorama nature scene using the featured colors. Other visitors can “like” the artwork they see, and the artwork can be shared on social media. 
  • The Game Wing: Available via desktop and mobile device only, this wing lets customers participate in the “Dash to DIY” game, where they maneuver a multi-lane road to a virtual Lowe’s store, where they will pick up points for connecting with paint chips and avoiding obstacles.

“We're thrilled for Valspar to offer customers an unparalleled virtual experience to explore our Colors of the Year. Through the Color-verse, visitors can experience the 12 Colors of the Year firsthand in a way unlike Valspar has ever done before,” said Gus Morales, VP of brand marketing, Sherwin-Williams (Valspar’s parent company). “Aside from exploring the 12 Colors of the Year, the home is an engaging space for visitors to create art and play games and encourages visitors to order color chips to see how their top color picks look and feel in their home.” 

Valspar may be meeting customer metaverse expectations
According to a recent survey from Talkdesk, Valspar’s new metaverse experience is aligned with many consumer preferences. Nearly half of respondents (47%) to the survey who utilize the metaverse are buying virtual items or finding inspiration for purchasing a physical product.

In addition, 27% of respondents envision the metaverse as making it easier to access product or brand information. Once they arrive in the metaverse, surveyed women are more likely to use these platforms as a virtual showroom, browsing products digitally before returning to the physical world to make purchases (25% women vs. 18% for men).

Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group manufactures paints, coatings and related products under brands such as Valspar, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, Purdy, Krylon, Minwax, Thompson's Water Seal, and Cabot.