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Uber, Oracle launch joint delivery solution

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Uber is expanding its Oracle partnership.

Uber is expanding its partnership with Oracle to streamline retailer access to its white-label online delivery platform.

Uber Technologies Inc., which entered a seven-year cloud technology agreement with Oracle in February 2023, is now teaming up with Oracle to release a solution called Collect and Receive. This new cloud-based offering on the Oracle Retail platform enables retailers to link to the Uber Direct white label online delivery service via pre-integrated APIs.

This joint solution supports online fulfillment activities including same-day and scheduled delivery options, order pickup, and returns to the closest retail or postal location. All transaction data is captured back into the Oracle retail cloud platform, enabling retailers to analyze customer buying behaviors and preferences.

The service is currently available for Oracle Retail customers in the U.S. and Canada.

"At Uber, it's crystal clear that on-demand delivery is a core expectation for consumers - and today's retailers are taking note," said Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber. "Every month, more than 3,500 brands use Uber Direct to power millions of same-day local deliveries. Together with Oracle, we can make it easier than ever for retailers to leverage on-demand delivery—and even returns—to delight consumers, streamline logistics, and ultimately boost loyalty and sales."

"Oracle knows retail processes, and Uber knows delivery. Connecting the two platforms eliminates the gap between a sales transaction and customer service, and at the same time provides invaluable data to better serve the customer on their next experience and improve overall retail profitability," said Pat Bohannon, VP at Oracle Retail. "Together, we can improve the experiences and profitability of the retail industry by raising the bar to a new 'premium delivery' standard where the customer can determine where and when their delivery or return will occur. Combining Uber's ability to schedule deliveries in advance or on short notice is far superior to traditional last mile delivery."

Uber eyes e-commerce

Uber initially expanded from its core rideshare business into third-party online delivery with the launch of Uber Eats in August 2014 and has since been shifting toward becoming a full-fledged e-commerce platform.

Notable initiatives Uber has launched include executing an approximately $1.1 billion acquisition of Drizly, a Boston-based liquor delivery service. Drizly’s marketplace is being integrated as a feature within the Uber Eats app, while also maintaining a separate Drizly app and web experience.

Uber is also using self-driving robots to deliver fresh products on-demand, including robots from autonomous sidewalk delivery company Serve Robotics, which began as the robotics division of Postmates, which was acquired by Uber in July 2020 for $2.65 billion, and was spun off as an independent company in February 2021, with Uber as an investor.

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