Uber expands delivery beyond food and grocery

uber driver

Uber is piloting two new contactless delivery services.

The rideshare service, which partners with retailers to offer on-demand food, grocery and convenience delivery via its Uber Eats platform, is launching two new delivery projects, Uber Direct and Uber Connect, in select cities.  

Uber Direct enables shoppers to place orders from select retailers and have items delivered to their doorstep without contact. In New York City, Uber Direct is piloting over-the-counter medication delivery with specialty medical products retailer Cabinet. Uber Direct delivery pilots are also taking place globally in countries including Portugal, Australia, and South Africa.

Uber’s new Uber Connect same-day, no-contact delivery feature enables consumers in select cities to log into the Uber app, select the “Uber Connect” option, and send packages to family and friends. This option is now available in more than 25 cities in Australia, Mexico, and the US.

Uber has been encouraging consumers to not use its rideshare service during the pandemic, and says it is piloting delivery services to help find work for its contract drivers. In addition to offering no-contact delivery, the company is providing sanitizing supplies to drivers in high-risk regions.

“Uber Direct and Uber Connect will evolve over time as we learn how to most effectively and sustainably serve the needs of businesses, drivers, delivery people, and consumers,” Uber said in a corporate blog post.

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