Things Remembered stops online ‘hijacking’ to increase conversion

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A leading retailer of personalized gifts is preventing its online customers from being lured away to competitors’ sites.

Things Remembered has seen a 5.15% increase in conversion rates since implementing Namogoo's Customer Journey Hijacking Prevention software. The machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution is designed to optimize customer journeys by blocking unauthorized, injected ads from being displayed on a retailer's website, using technology. 

Prior to implementation, almost 21% of visitors to the Things Remembered site were affected by injected ads. According to Things Remembered, it was able to recover significant revenue almost immediately after implementing the Namogoo solution. 

A number of other retailers, including Destination XL Group, Marks & Spencer, and Advance Auto Parts, are also utilizing Namogoo technology to prevent injected ads from reaching visitors to their e-commerce sites.

"Customer journey hijacking prevention has had a remarkable effect on our conversion rates and AOV, which are crucial KPIs for how we evaluate the performance of our site,” said Anthony McLoughlin, chief marketing and growth officer of Things Remembered. “We saw an immediate improvement by implementing Namogoo's solution.”