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Marks & Spencer marks and blocks unauthorized web ads

A British retail giant is ensuring its online shoppers only see the ads they are supposed to see.

Marks & Spencer is rolling out machine learning (ML)-based Namogoo software designed to identify unauthorized online advertisements (often from affiliate networks) and prevent them from appearing in customer web sessions. Early implementation on the M& website suggested that around 10% of customer visits to the website were resulting in another company’s advertisement appearing within that web session.

Marks & Spencer hopes to create a more streamlined experience for the customer to browse M& and make purchases without unauthorized distractions. The retailer partnered with Namogoo as a result of its collaboration with European retail and consumer investment and innovation firm True. Other retailers who have implemented Namogoo ad blocking technology include Advance Auto Parts and Crocs.

“Our relationship with Namogoo is an exciting outcome of our partnership with True, which gives us priority access to the latest innovations and technologies helping to improve the service we offer our customers,” said David Han, head of digital product for Marks & Spencer. “Namogoo will ensure that our shoppers have a more focused, distraction-free experience and we’re really pleased by the early results we’re seeing from implementing their solution.”

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