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Report: Amazon testing improved ad analytics

Amazon is reportedly in closed beta of a “clean room” for advertising campaign data.

According to AdExchanger, the clean room technology would enhance the ability of Amazon’s advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns with more detailed metrics. While the technology would reportedly not enable measurement of user-level data or metrics by individual impression, it would allow advertisers to analyze performance by broader data cohorts, such as age and gender or customers who have made certain prior purchases.

Google and Facebook already offer advertisers similar capabilities using clean room technology. Amazon, which did not comment, is expected to move into open beta or launch by early 2020.

George Popstefanov, CEO and founder of digital marketing firm PMG, said in an emailed comment to Chain Store Age that brands should view this move by Amazon favorably.

“While many think of Amazon as a retail disruptor and giant, this move from Amazon demonstrates that brands need to look at Amazon not as the enemy, but as the technology giant they are,” said Popstefanov. “Much of Amazon’s revenue comes from Amazon Web Services, which allows them to access massive amounts of data. This new service from Amazon will offer great advertising opportunities for brands and retailers who can make use of Amazon’s insights into purchase behavior and preferences. Knowing this, brands should instead consider Amazon a partner, not a competitor.”

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