Survey reveals consumer purchase triggers

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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man holding shopping bags

Purchase behavior varies across different product categories, according to a new survey.

According to “The Future of How People Shop,” a new survey from marketing technology and consumer engagement firm Valassis, 71% of grocery consumers say they want to get their shopping done as quickly as possible. Yet nearly four in 10 grocery consumers also say they wish advertising would help them break out of purchasing habits to discover something new or better.

Among small consumer electronics (smartphone, earbuds, etc.) shoppers, 63% would welcome targeted advertising that guides them through the store to locate a product, compared to 43% of all consumers. More than six in 10 (62%) appreciate when companies use their data to serve up personalized ads, compared to 34% of all consumers.

In addition, 60% wish that advertising helped them discover new or better things, compared to 38% of all consumers, and more than half (56%) say they frequently try products based on the recommendation of influencers and celebrities, compared to 30% of all consumers.

When it comes to shopping for skincare items, 73% of skincare consumers say they love advertising that "teaches me something new,” compared to 65% of all consumers).

Quick-service and fast-casual restaurant consumers are drawn by experience. Almost two-thirds (64%) of restaurant consumers love advertising that features "a product or service that satisfies an immediate need or want," and 43% said being hungry or thirsty made them start thinking about a purchase.

“The Future of How People Shop” study was fielded on behalf of Valassis in conjunction with Kantar, a global marketing research and consulting firm, among 1,000 shopper-respondents 18 years and older.