Safeway, Target tell shoppers ‘let’s make a deal’ with Google Pay

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Google Pay users can now locate grocery deals from Safeway and Target without having to leave the app.

Safeway is teaming up with Google Pay to let shoppers find weekly deals on thousands of items across more than 500 Safeway stores nationwide, directly from the Google Pay app. Target is also letting customers discover similar deals at stores across the country using Google Pay.

To find the latest grocery deals, customers can search for Safeway or Target in the Google Pay app and tap "View Weekly Deals.'' If a user has turned on location in Google Pay, soon the app will notify them of the weekly deals at Safeway and Target stores when they are nearby. 

Relaunched as a unified platform for financial services in November 2020, the new Google Pay app also provides consumers with a full view of their finances. Users can navigate over to the “Insights” tab for a view of their account balances, as well as insights on their spending – such as upcoming bill reminders, weekly spend summaries, or alerts when large transactions are made. 

Google Pay also recently added a fast way to see spending by category or business. For example, if a user searches for “food,” they will see the amount they have spent on food that month, as well as a list of all transactions related to food. Consumers can get also more specific, for example searching for “burgers” or for a specific business like “Burger King.” 

“Small expenses add up, but finding ways to save on everyday items like groceries is one way to keep your budget in check. However, it can be a cumbersome task,” Josh Woodward, director, product management, Google Pay, said in a corporate blog post. “Taking the time to look through coupons, finding the right offer, remembering to bring them with you or tracking down that promo code you saw online (where was it again?) can be tedious.”