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Regional convenience chain Stinker Stores drives loyalty

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Stinker Stores is targeting customers in a more refined manner.

Stinker Stores is sprucing up its customer engagement efforts to segment and target key customer groups.

The Boise, Idaho-based retailer, which operates 110 locations throughout Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming, will use loyalty, offers and engagement platform Punchh from Par to deliver more personalized offers and build loyalty, especially for products that customers might not normally purchase.

Stinker will also utilize Punchh’s customer analytics capabilities and dashboard to measure the ROI. Of its loyalty efforts With Punchh’s dashboard, Stinker will be able to see the business impact of its loyalty efforts.

“Customer experience is our biggest priority and Punchh will help us continue to turn customers into Stinker fanatics,” said Billy Colemire, director of marketing at Stinker. “The platform is not only powerful but easy to use, making it a no-brainer to adopt.”

“There are so many options today for a quick bite, drink of coffee or a fill-up on gas, but with nearly a century in business, Stinker clearly knows how to win over customers time and time again,” said Par CEO Savneet Singh. “With Punchh, Stinker is now able to capture a new level of customer data that will drive brand advocacy and all the while delivering fun to their customers that will propel their business forward.”

Zaxby’s enhances omnichannel customer experience

Fast-food chicken retailer Zaxby’s is consolidating enterprise and CRM systems at the POS.

Zaxby’s is deploying Par cloud-based Brink POS technology and Punchh loyalty software to streamline and enhance it customer experience across all touchpoints. Leveraging the Brink solution, Zaxby’s will be able to integrate its POS, supplier, accounting, and payroll systems to consolidate information all in one place, streamlining functions and procedures and improving its overall customer relationship.

In addition, the retailer will utilize Par Punchh customer loyalty, offers and engagement software to focus its Zax Rewardz loyalty program on allowing customers to earn points for purchases and bundle them up to select premium rewards from a predetermined list.

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