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Numerator: Gen Z, millennials more likely to celebrate Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day
Millennials are the most likely generation to say they will give gifts for Valentine's Day this year.

Younger consumers are more likely than other generations to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Over sixty-percent (61%) of consumers (up four points from 2023) plan to celebrate the holiday, with Gen Z and Millennials even more likely to say they will celebrate (66% and 64%, respectively), according to new data from Numerator. Nearly four-in-10 (39%) of celebrators plan to go out to eat to celebrate Valentine’s Day, more than any other holiday surveyed.

In other findings, millennials are the most likely generation to say they will give gifts (44%), while boomers are the most likely group to decorate their homes (20%), and Gen Z are the most likely to go out for drinks (21%). A large chunk (34%) of Valentine’s Day celebrators said they make their holiday plans over one month in advance, while only 17% wait until 1-2 days before.

Almost all (96%) of celebrants plan to make a purchase for the romantic holiday. The top planned purchases are candy (49%), gifts (47%), food (43%) and alcoholic beverages (17%). While nearly half of Valentine’s Day celebrants plan to buy candy, the holiday still ranks behind Halloween (79%) and Easter (53%) for planned candy purchases. Of the households that purchased candy, 40% bought Valentine's candy specifically, 64% purchased non-seasonal chocolate candy, and 44% bought non-seasonal non-chocolate candy.

With prices remaining high, nearly three-quarters (73%) of Valentine’s Day celebrants plan to keep their purchasers under $100 for the holiday. Consumers reported that they plan to do their Valentine’s shopping at big box stores (40%), grocery stores (33%), online retailers (27%) and discount or dollar stores (23%) this year. Last year, Dollar Tree and Dollar General saw sales increase 26% and 35% respectively in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, showcasing a hunt for value.

Numerator’s 2024 Holiday Preview survey was fielded to 5,132 consumers in January 2024.

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