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Nike turns NYC store into virtual adventure zone

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Nike is providing shoppers with an augmented reality-based outdoor challenge – within the four walls of its “House of Innovation” store in New York City.

Collaborating with AR technology provider Hovercraft, Nike created a digitally-enabled discovery center for the launch of its All Conditions Gear (ACG) HO20 collection of products. Utilizing mobile phones, shoppers can interact with animated models of local wildlife and product innovation stories via AR markers and QR codes located in the store. 

A geofenced microsite serves as the customer’s “digital basecamp.” Nike also provides a gamification component to the experience by providing an interactive map and dynamic checklist that tracks their progress through a series of AR-based challenges. Upon completion, participants are rewarded with a physical gift brought to them by a masked store associate and a digital AR model of the Nike “ACG Hiker” mascot they can keep on their phone. 

Nike is also leveraging AR technology to assist U.S. consumers who may prefer to avoid visiting a brick-and-mortar store. The specialty athletic brand is using the Omnivor Holograms for Retail solution as the platform for its new Nike Virtual View feature. Currently offered via the Finish Line and JD Sports specialty athletic apparel chains, Nike Virtual View enables shoppers to select a hologram that matches their size and body type, effectively building a virtual dressing room in their home. 

According to Nike, in the pre-COVID-19 era, it would have most likely provide a trialing experience or other hardware-driven installation for its Paris House of Innovation store. For this initiative, Nike decided to drive engagement with brand content virtually. This took the burden off of purpose-built hardware and physical interfaces that would require cleaning and allowed people to move freely throughout the store space to discover content at a distance that meets COVID-19 safety and hygiene protocols.

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