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Survey: Nearly all Americans use coupons


Austin, Texas - Nearly all Americans (96%) are coupon users, according to the latest edition of the Shoppers Trend Report conducted in conjunction with The Omnibus Company. The number of Americans who rely mostly on mobile coupons has been steadily increasing during the past few years (15% in 2014, compared to 10% in 2013 vs. 4% in 2010).

This consumer behavior coincides with retailers and brands moving their marketing promotions to more mobile and digital formats. In May 2014 retail executives were polled in a separate survey, also conducted by The Omnibus Company, which found that 75% of retailers believe digital advertising delivers a higher ROI than offline advertising, including circulars and direct mail.

Based on the level of coupon click activity in ratio with each city's population, the Northeast is the clear winner, with the New York, Boston and Philadelphia areas topping the list of the most active coupon users in America. Western communities appear to lag in their savings activity, with the Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver areas representing the bottom of the active-coupon-user list. In fact, the New York, Boston and Philadelphia areas appear to be four times more active than the Denver area at couponing.

In the top 10 active couponing cities, clothing and food categories ranked consistently at the top for click activity, followed by electronics and home and garden.

Other findings include:

• As of August, 33% of survey respondents had already started their winter holiday shopping.

• More than two-in-five (43%) coupon users consider discounts up to 25% to be a good deal.

• Respondents are most interested in deals that offer a specific dollar amount off of their purchase (30%).

• Coupon users living in the Northeast are more likely than those living in other regions to be most interested in receiving a specific percentage off a purchase (28%, compared to 18% of the rest of the country).

• Those living in the South are more likely than those living elsewhere (26% vs. 15% of the rest of the country) to be most interested in "buy one, get one free" deals.

• During the past four years, the use of printable coupons has declined quite significantly (58% in 2014, compared to 73% in 2010).

• However, digital coupon usage has increased substantially as the world has gone more digital with online (27% in 2014, compared to 16% in 2010) and mobile (15% in 2014, compared to 4% in 2010) coupon usage both up considerably since 2010.

• Online coupon usage for females has more than doubled in the last four years (25% in 2014, from 11% in 2010).

• Printable coupon usage for 18- to 34-year-olds dropped significantly in the past four years (40% in 2014, from 57% in 2010).

• Online coupon usage nearly tripled for those ages 50 and older in the past four years (18% in 2014, from 7% in 2010).

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