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Survey: The more channels the better for marketers


When it comes to marketing, retailers should adopt a truly “omnichannel” approach.

According to a new consumer survey from digital marketing firm Fluent, “The Omnichannel Advantage,” consumers who are reached through a greater number of channels make in-store and online purchases from their favorite retailers more frequently.

Six in 10 (62%) respondents who engaged with their favorite retailers across 10 or more channels reported making in-store purchases from them once a week or more. Half (49%) said they make online purchases from these retailers once a week or more.

While retailers should employ as many channels as possible, traditional engagement channels still offer the most reach. About four in 10 respondents reported having seen television, print and online ads from their favorite retailers in the past month.

In contrast, about three in 10 reported having seen mobile notifications, email newsletters, mobile shopping apps, Facebook posts or videos from their favorite retailers in the past month. Engagement rates were even lower for Instagram (20%) and Twitter (14%).

However, social media and email newsletters become far more effective when paired together. Seventy-eight percent of respondents who engage with their favorite retailer via Twitter and email make purchases at least once per week. Purchase rates resulting from email newsletters combined with other social platforms include Instagram (68%), Facebook (58%), and watched video (56%).

Outside of social media, email newsletters can still drive weekly purchases when combined with other engagement platforms at rates near or above 50%. These include shopping apps (55%), print ads (54%), notifications (54%), TV ads (53%), and online ads (48%).

Fluent surveyed 1,802 randomly selected Americans online in May 2016.

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