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Shopzilla rebrands as Connexity


Shopzilla wanted to highlight its recent transformation from comparison shopping to technology driven marketing solutions. To that end, it has changed its name to Connexity.

According to the company, its new solutions enable retailers and brands to understand their consumers better, acquire new customers at a lower cost and increase sales based on retail signals that it provides.

“We’ve always been a technology and data analytics company, and while we have been best known for our comparison shopping websites, they were just the tip of the iceberg. We have now completed our integrated suite of marketing capabilities for retailers and brands. We changed the company name to recognize the shift in the business to our Search, Display Media, and Bizrate Insights services,” says Bill Glass, CEO of Connexity.

Glass added that the company plans to continue operating its consumer sites, which connect millions of shoppers to products, brands and stores.

“We have launched a comprehensive set of solutions so marketers can touch consumers at every stage of the path to purchase from awareness, consideration, transaction, right to loyalty. These businesses are now the majority of our revenue and growing at an accelerating rate,” Glass added. “We say we’re ‘powered by shopping’ because with our shopping data, technology platform and retail expertise, we deliver results to marketers that make a big difference to their bottom line.”

The company recently launched audience-based display targeting to help marketers build awareness and consideration for their products, and now is launching display retargeting to close the loop with consumers who abandon the purchase process. Bizrate Insights, by helping retailers understand their customers’ needs and improve their online reputation, gives them the data they need to improve the entire path to purchase, increasing conversions and loyalty, according to the company.

With its new search services offering, Connexity manages product listing ads (PLA) and text ad campaigns (SEM) and provides SEO strategy for retailers.

Connexity is also expanding its CPC product listings marketplace, which reaches more than 30 million shoppers with 150 million product listings on sites like Bizrate and Shopzilla, as well as syndication on Connexity’s publisher network that includes more than 3,000 partners.

Bizrate Insights' omnichannel buyer and abandonment surveys offer information to more than 5,000 retailers about the consumer experience on their site and their competitors’ sites. More than 26 million Bizrate surveys are submitted annually worldwide and overall ratings are syndicated to sites like Google and Bing to promote retailer reputations.

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