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Kathmandu drives sales with store traffic data

kathmandu storefront

An Australian outdoor apparel and equipment retailer is applying analytics to everything from marketing to scheduling to operations.

Kathmandu, which operates over 160 stores across Australia and New Zealand, is deploying the Sensormatic Solutions ShopperTrak retail traffic application with advanced analytics to help it make data-driven decisions. The data produced by the ShopperTrak solution forms a core part of Kathmandu’s key performance indicators (KPI) set. 

These metrics enable Kathmandu to drive additional sales through a focus on conversion and improved scheduling at the store level via the development of a labor demand model. Equipped with highly detailed, accurate traffic information, Kathmandu can enhance customer engagement, boost conversion rates, align staffing with traffic patterns, and improve both operational and marketing effectiveness for better decision-making.

“Having an accurate traffic data set with actionable metrics is a critical advantage to help improve decision making,” said Scott Edwards, retail operations manager at Kathmandu. “The ShopperTrak solution enables us to create a demand-planning model that feeds into a workforce planning system. This capability supports the alignment of scheduling staff with peak traffic periods and power hours to ultimately have a positive impact on sales.”

The Mall of America is also utilizing ShopperTrak. The largest retail and entertainment center in North America measures mall shopping center traffic patterns, delivering mall owners and retail property managers data to explore new leasing models, quantify event success and ensure the right tenant mix by zone. By having actionable insights, Mall of America can make the most effective leasing, marketing and operational decisions to help increase profitability and improve customer experience.

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