Mall of America wades into traffic counting

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Mall of America

The largest retail and entertainment center in North America is studying customer traffic patterns to help it make better operational decisions.

The ShopperTrak solution measures mall shopping center traffic patterns, delivering mall owners and retail property managers the reliable data to explore new leasing models, quantify event success and ensure the right tenant mix by zone. By having actionable insights, Mall of America can make the most effective leasing, marketing and operational decisions to help increase profitability and improve customer experience.

Mall of America will roll out the Sensormatic Solutions’ ShopperTrak platform to improve its collection and analysis of customer behavioral data, including traffic patterns. The platform measures mall shopping center traffic patterns, providing mall owners and property managers with data to explore new leasing models, quantify the success of on-site events and ensure the right tenant mix by zone. 

Mall of America piloted the ShopperTrak solution to help improve traffic estimates, seeking a minimum of 98% accuracy. But the pilot results exceeded the target by hitting 99.8% accuracy. 

ShopperTrak analytics will also enable the center to better understand shopper behavior, helping visualization of where shoppers are spending the most time and how marketing efforts are impacting traffic volumes. Armed with this data, Mall of America will look to create more meaningful customer experiences.

“As a destination that attracts millions of visitors every year, we need to have a precise way to measure traffic to continue delivering a seamless experience to our guests,” said Patrick Wand, Mall of America IT project senior manager. “The ShopperTrak solution will help empower us with critical data allowing us to make better informed marketing and operational business decisions.”