Justice’s online relaunch is off to promising start

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Tween apparel brand Justice is obtaining some impressive early results in the first 90 days of going live with its new e-commerce site.

Justice launched its new e-commerce site in April 2021, after its bankrupt parent Ascena Retail Group closed all stores. In November 2020, Bluestar Alliance acquired the intellectual property of Justice for $90 million at auction.

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As part of the April relaunch, Justice switched its legacy enterprise e-commerce platform to a new cloud-based commerce as a service (CaaS) approach from Nogin. The brand moved its $250 million online store to Nogin in an effort to optimize performance, in part by gaining access to the platform's artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics.

When measured against its legacy platform, Justice noted a number of financial improvements realized since going live with the Nogin Intelligent Platform in April. These include reduced shipping costs through algorithms focused on free shipping conversion; strengthened gross margin by leveraging customer behavior and interests to reduce discounting; more efficient paid media spend, allowing Justice to significantly reduce marketing expenses, and a reduction in fulfillment costs, without sacrificing service level agreement targets, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. 

"Justice had built a great online store that was a hit with tweens and parents alike. However, as we looked to exponentially grow this business, we recognized the need to move the brand onto a next-generation platform," said Bluestar COO and co-founder Ralph Gindi. "Our partnership with Nogin takes us to that level without the requisite R&D investments, and leaves us positioned to build into what we hope can ultimately become a $500 million enterprise."