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Francesca’s streamlines supply chain deliveries


A young women’s apparel and accessories retailer is piloting same-day delivery from its suppliers in Houston.

Francesca’s is leveraging the TUYA Technologies third-party marketplace platform to connect with independent delivery professionals in the Houston market. The retailer enters an order via the TUYA site or mobile app, with the option to select a specific delivery professional or groups of delivery professionals.

Francesca’s obtains access to transparent pricing upfront, receives instant updates, and can speak with drivers directly, track deliveries in real-time, and share tracking information with customers. The retailer receives a “proof of delivery” signature and/or image once the delivery has been completed. In addition, Francesca’s receives analytics showing their cost savings and percentage data to show improvements on their service levels.

“Many of today’s same-day delivery models can be compared to taxis before technology,” said John Oren, CEO, TUYA Technologies. “Before, you would have to call and request your service with no visibility or transparency between you, your delivery, and your driver. Our platform makes current an industry that has been stuck in the past; making the process simple, easy and direct.”

TUYA plans to expand to major markets in Texas, and eventually intends to service all 25 major U.S. markets.

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