Florida grocer optimizes merchandising with AI

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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America’s largest independently-owned Hispanic supermarket chain is applying automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to a broad range of merchandising workflows.

Sedano’s Supermarkets, which operates 35 stores across Central and South Florida offering multicultural ethnic products, is implementing a suite of AI-based solutions and services from Daisy Intelligence. Leveraging Daisy Intelligence technology, Sedano’s will automate and optimize merchandising functions including demand forecasting, store ordering, promotion planning, and inventory selection.

Sedano’s merchandising team will obtain a view of all product “halo effects” that influence customer opinion on other items, which will assist with promotion planning and demand forecasting. In addition, store teams will receive improved store-level order recommendations, with ultimate goals of reducing stockouts, minimizing store labor, and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Other independent grocers are also leveraging AI-based Daisy Intelligence technology to enhance different areas of their merchandising efforts. Midwest supermarket chain Harps Food Stores is analyzing years of collected transactional information to enhance promotional programs such as its weekly circular; while mid-Atlantic grocer Shop n’ Save is measuring the total store impact of product promotions. 

“As we continue to experience growth and expansion, chain-wide merchandising presents a significant analytical challenge due to the enormous volume of data and complexity involved,” said Javier Herrán, chief marketing officer of Sedano’s Supermarkets. “Investing in Daisy Intelligence’s cutting-edge AI technology serves to support the merchandising team and save considerable time when it comes to making merchandising decisions, increasing the variety of products and offerings, and ultimately ensuring every customer is always able to buy what they are looking for.”
Sedano’s Supermarkets operates 35 stores in Florida’s Miami-Dade, Broward, Orange, and Osceola counties.