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Dollar General extends ad reach across Meta network

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Dollar General is teaming up with Meta.

Dollar General is partnering with the parent company of Facebook to offer advertisers on its retail media network new placement opportunities.

Initially launched in 2018, the Dollar General media network (DGMN) offers participating CPG advertising partners access to real-time data, to help them serve its customer base across more than 18,000 stores in 47 states.

Now, DGMN has completed testing of a new collaboration with Meta. Dollar General is the first retailer to offer this solution, which enables advertisers reach the discount giant’s more than 90 million unique customer profiles across the Meta ecosystem.

Dollar General advertisers can now make placements on Meta properties including Facebook and Instagram news feeds, stories and reels. Meta’s advanced analytics capabilities enables the retailer to conduct SQL-based custom measurement and analysis in a secure environment.

Using this measurement and analysis, DGMN is able to evaluate the business impact of Meta marketing investments to a particular brand. The analysis includes quantifiable metrics such as return on ad spend, as well as directional metrics such as intent to buy. According to early results, Dollar General says its Meta partnership helps retailers on its media network reach customers across 1,400 derived attributes. 

“We are thrilled to debut this market-first initiative, allowing our advertisers to reach Dollar General customers via Meta placements while utilizing our opted-in first-party data,” said Charlene Charles, head of DG Media Network Operations. “Our team provides full end-to-end campaign support and creative services while measuring closed-loop, attributable store sales. We look forward to extending the reach of DGMN through the world’s largest social platform to deliver even more effective media for our advertisers.”

“We are excited to partner with Dollar General as they expand their product offering and deliver more solutions that help meet the consumer in desirable environments,” said Jen Bryce, head of U.S. Retail Media at Unilever, a DGMN advertising partner. “The first to market, closed-loop measurement on Meta is exciting as we gain more valuable insights and data on our campaign performance.”

Dollar General offers DGMN with strategic technology partners including independent demand-side platform The Trade Desk; Live Ramp for data collaboration including advanced data clean room capabilities; Google Ad Manager for onsite and in-app inventory management; and Goodway Group for digital media strategy, planning and buying. 

The evolved media network includes advertising partners representing brands such as Unilever, General Mills, Hershey’s and Colgate-Palmolive. Unilever has been working with Dollar General’s media network since 2018.

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