CSA Exclusive: Footwear brand segments customers with AI

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Cariuma founders
Cariuma founders David Python and Fernando Porto

Global direct-to-consumer specialty footwear retailer Cariuma is customizing the path to purchase for four distinct customer groups.

Felipe G. Araujo, chief digital officer at Cariuma, a Brazil-based global company that sells sustainable sneakers to consumers online in over 60 countries, recently explained to Chain Store Age how his company leverages the Qubit CommerceAI platform to perform personalization at a mass scale.

"Within our audience, we identified four distinct groups that make up our core base - surf, skate, fashion, and sustainability,” said Araujo. “These ‘tribes,’ as we call them, possess different purchase behaviors, affinities, needs and likes, and product categories. Our goal was to find a tool that could help us have a more personalized journey for each of these tribes."

Cariuma utilizes Qubit CommerceAI to capture data on where a specific online visitor came from, such as a surf publication. Qubit CommerceAI combines customer data, including intent, with design tools in an effort to drive up conversion rates and customer lifetime value, while reducing abandonment.

The Qubit solution also provides deep learning capabilities to enable brands to learn more about their customers and determine which products from their catalogs will drive actual sales performance. Deep learning leverages more sophisticated algorithms than machine learning, enabling the processing and understanding of massive amounts of data in real time. Cariuma can also leverage this data for insights to support business decisions in areas such as merchandise, inventory, campaigns, and offers.

“We are able to give that user a personalized journey from a content and product standpoint — aligned with their interests and affinities.,” said Araujo. “Qubit is such a tactical asset because we are able to continue to deliver to them that personalized journey every time that user comes back to the site. An anecdote I like to use: if you go every week to the same restaurant, chances are, by the third time, the people there will recognize you, call you by your name, give you their favorite table and bring your favorite drink. That’s what we are trying to do by partnering with Qubit online."

Cariuma participated with Qubit in product development. That, combined with Qubit technology’s ability to garner customer insights from readily accessible data, drove Cariuma’s decision to deploy its AI technology.

“We’re excited to work with Qubit on providing our customers with the best online shopping experiences possible – which is key to our continued growth as a business," concluded Araujo.