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Asics promotes to specific shopper segments in-store

Asics is enhancing in-store customer targeting.

A specialty athletic apparel/footwear brand is targeting in-store shoppers from certain communities with gated deals.

Asics, a Japan-based global manufacturer and retailer of athletic apparel and footwear, is utilizing the SheerID InStore solution to verify the eligiblilty of shoppers in its stores for targeted, gated offers to members of key demographics such as medical professionals, students, teachers, first responders and military members.

Consumers obtain access to the SheerID verification form by scanning an in-store QR code with their phone and providing a few basic pieces of information to prove eligibility. They then receive a UPC code that can be scanned at point of sale to receive a targeted, gated offer based on their demographic status. 

Asics can also stream this consumer-provided data to a customer’s profile in its loyalty program for automatic future rewards and discounts to encourage additional purchases via any channel. 

In addition to its new in-store program, the brand analyzes online shopper behavior in using real-time analytics and decision-making heat maps from SessionCam, a Glassbox company.

"Our customers still have a desire to have a physical experience in our stores, even though we're living in a digital world," said Sean Condon, VP, omnichannel, Asics. "Having a superior in-store experience leads to higher brand loyalty, so we love partnering with SheerID to help us market to consumer groups in our stores and online. Our goal in everything we do is to provide value to our customers, so when we can connect with customers on a one-on-one basis with SheerID, knowing who they are, we can continue providing them the best, most personalized experiences."

"Omnichannel retailing is a strategic imperative that consumers are demanding. Retailers that are able to establish themselves as a true omnichannel retailer that provides a consistent, integrated experience across channels will better serve their customers and increase their market share," said Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. "We’re excited to provide our customers with the first omnichannel gated offer solution to meet and serve their customers wherever they are." 

According to SheerID’s research, more than 80% of people within key communities such as those targeted by Asics are likely to buy from a brand with a gated offer, and more than 90% would share an offer with others they knew were eligible. 

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