Asics analyzes online shoppers in real time

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A specialty athletic apparel/footwear brand is optimizing the customer digital journey – as it happens.

Asics, a Japan-based global manufacturer and retailer of athletic apparel and footwear, is now anticipating and understanding online customer needs through real-time analytics and decision-making heat maps. The brand is rolling out digital solutions from SessionCam, a Glassbox company, following a successful three-month pilot program.

Asics is integrating SessionCam technology, encompassing conversion rate optimization and in-depth analytics of consumers’ online behavior, into its e-commerce sites. In the pilot, SessionCam provided customization options with regard to exporting data, setting variables, and integrating with Google Analytics. 

This allowed for quick segmentation of data and provided Asics with unique insights, enabling the company to rapidly respond to site disruptions and ensure personalized, seamless customer journeys. Accessible data analysis also minimized time to value and supported Asics in consistently and efficiently adding improvements to its development pipeline.

“SessionCam’s innovative technologies will ensure that Asics is able to offer personalized, uninterrupted and fulfilling journeys,” said Rick Hoving, senior site operations manager of Asics. “SessionCam has already equipped our teams with an enhanced understanding of the traffic to our online sites, providing easily accessible data to enhance our digital operations. We are looking forward to deepening this relationship and further enhancing the service we provide to our customers.”

“We are thrilled that a leading retailer such as Asics has decided to fully integrate SessionCam’s digital services,” said Yaron Morgenstern, CEO of Glassbox. “The pandemic has prompted a wave of new consumers online while also intensifying online shoppers’ demands for an immersive online experience. We are looking forward to ensuring Asics is fully equipped to rise to this challenge and deliver for their customers.”