AI could play big role in fashion — here's how

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Fashion shoppers are increasingly open to AI.

In the future, artificial intelligence may help consumers plan their outfits. 

More than four-in-10 (44%) respondents believe AI can enhance their fashion sense, according to a survey of 1,000 U.S. adult consumers from search and discovery platform Algolia. And one in four respondents would trust an AI bot trained on their retail purchases and preferences to pick an outfit for them more than their friends.

This percentage goes up to 30% for Gen Z respondents and 35% for surveyed millennials. Three-in-10 respondents believe AI-trained shopping assistants can identify fashion trends better than they can. In addition, close to one in four (23%) respondents believe AI-trained shopping assistants can help keep their wardrobe from becoming dated.

Specifically, consumers believe AI trained on their retail preferences and past shopping activity would create useful recommendations for scenarios including:

  • 25% - Compiling wedding guest outfit.
  • 34% - Compiling vacation outfits.
  • 35% - Compiling professional attire.
  • 26% - Compiling capsule wardrobes.

Other consumer findings include:

  • Six-in-10 (59%) respondents think the wider adoption of AI by online retailers will create better shopping experiences. That number increases to 73% for millennials, the demographic group that trended the most pro-AI throughout the entire survey, according to Algolia analysis.
  • Almost two-in-three (64%) respondents would be interested in using an AI personal shopper that their favorite retailer trained on their previous searches. This figure rises to 77% of millennial respondents. 

Algolia also analyzed how retailers utilize AI, finding 70% think that personalizing the online experience is an integral part of any e-commerce strategy. The main types of AI-supported personalization that retailers offer to consumers are personalized shopping profiles (56%) followed by product recommendations (46%).

"The survey findings showed a resoundingly positive sentiment from consumers on their experiences and willingness to use AI if offered by retailers," Algolia said in a statement. "These results should come as good news if you’re one of the many retailers who are investing time and resources into customer-facing AI solutions to improve experience and convert sales."

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