Wildfang streamlines online hunt for products

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A specialty women’s lifestyle retailer is increasing e-commerce conversions with intelligent search.

Wildfang is leveraging the site search & autocomplete and category merchandising solutions to deliver a more personalized online customer journey. The retailer seeks to enable shoppers to arrive at the product they are looking for more quickly and with fewer clicks. The site search & autocomplete tool understands nuance in shopper behavior and queries and responds accordingly to deliver the right products. 

In addition, Wildfang uses Searchspring category merchandising technology to display products that matter to the shopper when they matter most, with drag-and-drop controls that allow the company to organize and rank product results based on rules that align with business goals. The retailer can also enhance shoppers’ experience by grouping matching items, boosting best-selling products, and placing sold-out products at the bottom.

Other capabilities Wildfang has gained include the ability to promote new and best-selling products through algorithms without the need for manual updates, and customization and optimization of search, regardless of how different shoppers might search for products on the site. 
In the first four months of using Searchspring’s solution, Wildfang’s search conversion rate increased by 24% and search revenue per visit grew 17%. While the percentage of shoppers using search remained constant, overall revenue from search grew by 9%. Wildfang also realized that shoppers who utilize the search function are four times more likely to convert than those who do not.
“In terms of our model, the main challenge is ensuring we have a continuous experience for the consumer, in any touchpoint with our brand, both online and offline. That comes down to data and systems,” said Emma Mcilroy, CEO and co-founder, Wildfang. “It’s all about the personalized consumer journey and the ability to help our customers find what they are looking for as fast as humanly possible, which is what Searchspring does.”