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Why Fast-Growing Retailers Are Adopting Cloud Financials

Over the years, small to mid-sized businesses have pieced together a patchwork of applications to run their operations. However, this approach is inadequate -- it lacks many of the capabilities that growing businesses need and provides minimal visibility into essential business information.

Curbside, or as some call it, pick-up-and-go, is the latest touchpoint in the omnichannel adventure.

When brought in early to the leasing process by conducting a preliminary site survey, a general contractor can predict, find and mitigate many of the issues that could arise during the construction period.

Today’s retailers need an edge in order to thrive in a turbulent landscape where consumer behavior is constantly changing, and customer-centric experiences are essential.

The retail industry is in the middle of disruptive change and, increasingly, that change is being driven by data.

ENGIE Insight has created a new eBook with a 5-step framework for building a sustainability strategy—and seeing a high-value ROI—within five years.

Making better and faster decisions with data is becoming mission-critical for retailers everywhere. And with new shopping experiences and technologies popping up every day, retailers are turning to data visualization and interactive dashboards to stay competitive.

The trends this holiday season that retailers really need to focus on won’t be around just the latest fads. Instead, companies that focus on delivering consistent, engaging customer experiences will set themselves up for success during the busiest months of the year.

Customer experience (CX) has quickly emerged as the single-most important brand differentiator. This means you can no longer compete on product or service alone. In an industry where CX even trumps price, one thing is clear: The brands with the best CX will win.

We tend to think of weather as having a negative impact on business, but according to recent research many companies are turning weather data into a competitive advantage to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Retailers collect data from every interaction their customers make, but success today is only measured by the antiquated and outdated KPIs that do not serve a customer-centric and forward-thinking strategy.

What initially started off as purely a traffic counting venture quickly became a transformative analytics and coaching tool for understanding data. In this case study, learn how specialty retailer Cycle Gear, with 140 stores located across 38 states, was able to use traffic counting da

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