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Whisk turns recipes into shoppable content

Whisk app

A new app enables consumers to directly shop ingredients from their favorite recipes.

Whisk, a smart food platform which was acquired by Samsung Next earlier in 2019, is launching a mobile app featuring a new, connected recipe box and collaborative shopping lists. Customers can save recipes to make them instantly shoppable across 32 integrated online grocery retailers across the world, or take an optimized list to buy in-store. Whisk’s integrated partners include Walmart, Amazon Fresh, and Ahold Delhaize, as well as the Instacart on-demand delivery service.

Whisk provides integrated nutrition data, serving size adjustments, automatically combined items across recipes, and a shopping list that can be sorted by aisle or recipe. Customers can save recipes from Whisk’s partners and turn them into shopping lists in one click, and also add some or all recipe ingredients to their list and uncheck the ingredients they already have.

In addition, consumers can share recipes and collaborate on shopping lists via SMS, email or URL, so others can view or edit their list or save and shop favorite recipes. Whisk also finds and remembers a user’s preferred store.

Whisk’s Food Genome is an intelligent deep learning-based natural language processing algorithm that maps the world’s food ingredients, their relationships and their properties (nutrition, perishability, flavor, categories), as well as offers food purchase options. A combination of this ontological understanding of food with data about user behavior drives results.

“Over half of the U.S. population still makes shopping lists using pen and paper, yet most people are looking for food inspiration digitally,” said Nick Holzherr, head of product, Whisk at Samsung Next. “Hours are spent looking for food content online – seeking new and healthier meals. However, the data shows people generally end up cooking the same seven to nine dishes on repeat. There’s a fundamental disconnect between the online and offline that Whisk can help connect.”

Currently, Whisk is available for Android, web, Chrome extension, and the Alexa, Bixby and Google voice assistants. It will soon be available for iOS. 





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