Weis Markets pinpoints store-level inventory

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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A mid-Atlantic grocery retailer wants to fulfill online orders in-store while avoiding excess stock.

Weis Markets Inc. has selected the Itasca Magic computer generated ordering (CGO) and direct store delivery (DSD) receiving solutions to replace existing legacy software for its retail locations. Rollout will include the more than 170 stores that offer its Weis 2 Go Online pickup and delivery services.

Weis Markets anticipates store-level inventory optimization will help reduce excess inventory and product spoilage by ensuring sufficient product is always available to meet consumer demand without excess. The retailer especially seeks to avoid product overstock and waste in stores where online orders are fulfilled.

The Magic software uses historical sales data and current shelf and selling conditions to calculate exact order amounts for tens of thousands of items at any time of the day. This is meant to ensure each store always has the right stock levels to fulfill shopper demand in all departments, both shelf-stable and perishable.

The CGO system combines algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, along with replenishment data, to help reduce inventory, shrink, product-handling and vendor credits, with the added goal of boosting sales.

“Computer-generated ordering has enormous potential,” said Greg Zeh, Weis Markets CIO. “This collaboration will help us deliver what our customers have come to expect from Weis Markets’ stores: outstanding value and quality with excellent in-stock conditions.”

Weis Markets Inc. operates 198 stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia.