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Walmart Health expands to Illinois; Florida is next

Walmart Health storefront

Walmart Inc. has brought its freestanding health care format to Chicago.

The retail giant has opened two Walmart Health locations adjacent to revamped Walmart supercenters in the Chicago neighborhoods of Chatham and Austin. The dedicated health care format made its debut in 2019, in Dallas, Georgia. 

As is has done in previous locations, Walmart Health Chicago is partnering with local, on-the-ground health providers to deliver primary care, labs, x-ray and diagnostics, counseling, dental and hearing services all in one facility. It promises transparent pricing, regardless of a patient’s insurance status. (Currently, the Chicago facilities are offering primary medical care, optometry and hearing services, with offerings to be added in the future. )

Additional openings are also in the works for Walmart Health, which will enter Florida in 2021, with seven locations in the Jackonsville market. The company is also planning to open seven more locations in Georgia by the end of its current fiscal year. According to reports, Walmart Health expects to have at least 22 locations in Georgia, Florida, Arkansas and Illinois by the end of 2021. Including the new Chicago locations, there are currently eight locations. 

“Walmart is committed to making healthcare more affordable and accessible for customers in the communities we serve,” said Marcus Osborne, senior VP of Walmart Health. “We are excited to bring Walmart Health into Chicago and offer members of the community a holistic wellness approach by additionally offering specialized community health resources, online education and in-center workshops to educate the community about preventative health and wellness.”

The new Walmart Health in Chicago are part of the retailer’s  commitment to rebuild and reopen four Chicago supercenters with more services, including Walmart Academies for employee training and ongoing learning. 

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