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Walmart enhances connected TV ads via new partnership

Walmart has entered into an agreement with CareSource to address racial health inequities.
Walmart is making it easier to target CTV ads.

Walmart is integrating a connected TV (CTV) personalization and optimization platform into the demand-side platform (DSP) of its retail media network.

The discount giant is partnering with Innovid, an independent advertising platform for the delivery, personalization and measurement of CTV ads. Innovid will also offer ad delivery services to help ensure the highest-quality video experience for ads run via the Walmart DSP (see more below).

The partnership applies to Walmart DSP's off-site inventory, and connects and measures both online and in-store performance, offering targeting, reporting and omnichannel insights down to a granular level. By integrating Innovid's dynamic creative optimization technology (DCO) with its DSP, Wamart enables advertisers to automatically optimize their content to deliver messaging and design tailored to each customer, in real time.

"As the influence of retail media networks grow, we are thrilled to integrate Innovid's capabilities within the Walmart DSP to further enhance the relevance and effectiveness of CTV ad creative and provide independent ad serving to ensure the highest quality and consumer experience, across all devices," said Krista Panoff, senior VP global enterprise development, Innovid. "Through this partnership, our customers will be able to create even more personalized and relevant ad campaigns that drive better results, while maintaining a seamless, efficient workflow."

The new capabilities are immediately available to Innovid customers who are already advertising through the Walmart DSP.

A closer look at Walmart Connect and DSP

Walmart Connect is the closed-loop media business for Walmart. It offers advertisers the ability to serve personalized, time- and context-specific ads across customer touchpoints including media placements on in-store TV walls and self-checkout screens, Walmart digital properties, mobile devices, and corporate events.

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In August 2021, the discount giant followed up by officially launching its planned demand-side platform (DSP) for suppliers and their media and ad agencies in time for the 2021 holiday season. Walmart DSP serves as a standalone platform combining the technology and performance of independent demand-side platform The Trade Desk with the scale of Walmart’s first-party omnichannel data.

This provides advertisers with direct promotional capabilities, such as reaching specific audiences, managing multiple campaigns (such as video, audio and mobile) from the same platform, and leveraging Walmart’s purchase data to measure both online and in-store transactions.

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