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Walmart celebrates Earth Day, Mother's Day with TikTok, Tide - and Paris Hilton

Walmart Mother of all Savings Memberships
Walmart is running its 'Mother of all Savings Memberships' promo on TikTok.

Walmart Inc. is observing Earth Day and Mother’s Day with two new promotional partnerships.

The discount giant is bringing back its 'Mother of All Savings Memberships' celebrity TikTok campaign for Mother’s Day, and also promoting cold-water laundry washes in collaboration with Tide, a detergent brand of CPG company Procter & Gamble.

Highlights of each partnership follow.

Walmart and TikTok

First introduced by Walmart in April 2023, the ‘Mother of All Savings Memberships’ campaign is designed to boost membership in the retailer’s Walmart+ paid loyalty program. Customers can visit the Walmart TikTok page on Monday, April 22 to ask motherhood-related questions of celebrity moms Paris Hilton, Whitney Cummings, Kat Stickler, Tia Mowry, Aislinn Derbez and Barbara "Babs" Costello.

On Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 24, the celebrity moms will then answer top customer questions in an “ask me anything” style conversation. 

“Our idea behind 'Moms Answer Moms' is rooted in the insight that moms often seek advice from other moms,” said David Hartman, VP of creative, Walmart. “We’re excited to offer an interactive forum via our Walmart TikTok where moms can get genuine tips and advice from influential celebrity moms, and to show how Walmart+, the 'Mother of All Savings Memberships,' can be a tool to make their lives easier."

Walmart and Tide

Walmart is launching a multi-month campaign with Tide on Earth Day (Monday, April 22) to promote the environmental benefits of washing clothing in cold water. The promotion will include in-store product sampling and demos, digital advertising, in-store signage, and social media promotion to help establish cold water as an eco-habit, while underscoring the personal benefits of washing in cold.

Tide cold wash
Walmart partners with Tide to promote cold water washes.

The campaign, “Turn to Cold for the Love of…," supports Tide’s goal of turning 75% of loads of laundry in North America to cold water washing by 2030. In 2017, Walmart introduced Project Gigaton, an initiative to avoid one gigaton (1 billion metric tons) of carbon dioxide from its global value chain by 2030. 

"At Walmart, our purpose has always been to help people save money and live better. More and more, consumers are looking for easier ways to make the more sustainable choice, without compromising quality," said Marco Reyes, senior director for sustainability, Walmart. "Washing in cold with Tide helps deliver on multiple consumer needs while enabling the development of a new habit that can sustain for the long term, potentially generationally – well aligned with our commitment to making the everyday choice the more sustainable choice for people."

"Consumers don’t have to choose between energy-intensive hot and warm water and a deep clean. With a product that delights in cold and the right partners to help spread the message, we can meaningfully move the needle,” said Todd Cline, senior director of sustainability, North America fabric care at Procter & Gamble. “Ninety percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store. As Tide’s latest formula upgrade hits shelves to deliver a powerful clean even in cold water, collaborating with Walmart to amplify the benefits of cold wash with Tide is an extremely impactful way to drive cold water trial and adoption.”

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