Walmart Canada aligns projects with corporate strategies

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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The Canadian subsidiary of Walmart is broadening its deployment of a project management platform across the organization.

Walmart Canada is rolling out the Wrike collaborative work solution across departments including project management, strategy, transportation, supply chain planning, logistics operations, supply chain reinvention/end to end, marketing, and e-commerce studio. The retailer first utilized technology from Wrike (now part of Citrix) within its continuous improvement team to move away from traditional, manual project management. 

The continuous improvement team realized benefits from Wrike features such as visual, interactive charts; automatic document versioning; key financial and workload reports; and dashboard views of the entire portfolio. Now, Walmart Canada will utilize the Wrike solution across the enterprise to streamline communication, organize and contextualize projects, automate approvals, and leverage key analytics and dashboard views to inform corporate decisions.

“Wrike helped us centralize our continuous improvement team into one place, create one version of the truth, improve our ways of working, and eliminate non-value-adding work,” said Francis Lalonde, VP of transportation, Walmart Canada.

“Without Wrike, it would be difficult to make sure the right projects are getting started and that we have all the details we need,” said Nicole Fakhri, manager of continuous improvement, Walmart Canada. “Wrike empowers us to be more strategic in which projects we initiate. We’re able to select the right projects, align them to our strategy, and ensure all the right resources are in place to execute them.”

“The complex logistics of large-scale retail distribution can no longer be managed in spreadsheets and siloed communication channels,” said Andrew Filev, senior VP and Wrike GM, Citrix. “It requires full visibility — from the ground level where work gets done, all the way up to the portfolio view across multiple projects. Walmart Canada is a perfect example of how best-in-class work management can help multiple departments work as one. It fundamentally transforms how projects are strategized, planned, and delivered.”

Walmart Canada operates more than 400 stores across Canada.