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Walmart appeals to inflation-weary shoppers with refurbished goods program

Walmart has added a section on its website for refurbished products.

Walmart Inc. is putting a new spotlight on its “like new” goods.

The retail giant has offered refurbished goods from sellers and suppliers on for a while. But it has launched a new program, called “Walmart Restored,” that is designed to allow shoppers to more easily find the goods. The initiative comes as consumers have begun to cut back spending amid higher prices for many items.

The refurbished goods are now being featured in a dedicated “Walmart Restored” section on the chain’s website and carry the same designation. The items, from brands such as Apple, Samsung and KitchenAid, also pop up in search. And they will be available in select Walmart stores starting in the fall.

“In a year when customers are looking for ways to save money, like-new refurbished products have become an increasingly popular way to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality,” Michael Mosser, general manager, Walmart Marketplace, wrote in a blog on the company’s website.

Walmart rival Amazon sells refurbished goods through its Amazon Renewed program. eBay also has a certified refurbished-goods program.

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The refurbished products for sale on Walmart are professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned, Mosser added. The company also offers 90-day free returns on the items.

“When customers buy a product in the Walmart Restored program – whether it’s a laptop or a kitchen appliance – they can be confident they are buying from top-rated performance managed sellers and suppliers,” Mosser said.

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