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Vitamin Shoppe gives out product samples — via in-store interactive kiosks

kiosks in store

A leading nutritional products retailer is putting a tech twist on vending machines.

The Vitamin Shoppe is deploying interactive digital kiosks from to engage consumers and drive trial of new products. Each Vengo kiosk features an interactive touchscreen and has six product slots with physical products loaded in. The shopper views 15-second product videos that alternate with product images and a free samples promotional offer, and then touches the item they would like to try.

After potentially being asked a survey question or two, the customer can opt in to provide their email address, and the requested free sample is vended instantly. Utilizing software from product location/brand activation platform Destini and wellness-focused solution company Spins, as well as Vengo’s proprietary technology, the kiosk tracks all physical product inventory and screen displays and interactions. Vengo also checks submitted email addresses in real time to ensure they are both real and unique 
The Vitamin Shoppe has included the Vengo kiosk in its new innovation store in Edgewater, N.J. which incorporates technology-driven innovations in products, services, and education into the in-store experience. The retailer plans to install Vengo kiosks in at least 11 stores by the end of 2019.

“We are committed to bringing product and service innovations to our customer experience as we continue to evolve The Vitamin Shoppe,” said Sharon Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe. “The interactive Vengo digital kiosk is a novel and convenient way to drive in-store sampling of new products. This engages customers, encourages trial of different brands, and provides a great opportunity for our health enthusiast associates to educate customers about new wellness solutions.”

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