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Utah grocer Harmons obtains real-time enterprise insights with AI

Harmons Grocery is using AI to enhance shelf decisions.

A Utah-based upscale supermarket chain is leveraging a cloud-based analytics platform to integrate and analyze all data across sales, operations and marketing.

Harmons Grocery, which started as a single fruit stand in 1932 and now has more than 4,000 employees and 20 stores located throughout Utah, had been struggling with an inefficient reporting process. 

Offering an assortment of hundreds of thousands of products, including fresh-made goods and specialty items, the retailer found that capturing data and running reports to be difficult and time-consuming. This posed issues to employees trying to use data to make decisions about staffing and products. 

In addition, store managers were unequipped to make decisions based on accurate, timely data and instead defaulted to using inaccurate prior-year data and numbers. To resolve these challenges, Harmons integrated all of its disparate sales, operations and marketing systems into Domo’s single cloud-based, artificial intelligence-equipped data management platform.

As a result, Harmon’s can now track and analyze data streams such as sales, expenses, and staffing into a single “source of truth.” This, in turn, helps Harmons keep its shelves stocked with products customers want and have the real-time insights needed to ensure an optimal shopping experience for customers.

Since implementing Domo, more than 1,000 users across the company, ranging from the CEO to frontline managers, can instantly obtain access to data for any item, as well as collect data from across the organization to understand how its promotions and staffing impact sales on a minute-to-minute basis. 

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In addition, leveraging Domo, Harmons can help ensure it offers the right items at the right time, which cuts back on food waste.

“We have over a million rows of data coming in every day, and having Domo helps us easily process that information and make it approachable for all our users,” said Lexi Allsop, director of analytics at Harmons Grocery. “Our teams now have the tools they need to effectively manage their business instead of feeling like they have to guess all the time.”

“As a huge fan of the grocer myself, it’s amazing to see how Harmons put data to work and drove store impact from day one with Domo,” said Mark Maughan, chief analytics officer and senior VP of customer success at Domo. “With Domo, Harmons is able to better understand the trends in its data so it can offer the freshest foods and best shopping experience to its customers, each and every day.”

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